1. The Infinite Ones

  2. Rat-Tribution Now
    King Khan (feat. Joe Coleman, Saba Lou, Jatinder Durhailay Singh & Dead Moon)

  3. Let Me Hang You
    William S. Burroughs

  4. Hollywood R n R
    King Khan Unlimited

  5. Never Hold On

  6. America Goddamn

  7. Hurtin' Class

  8. "Children of the World" b/w "Gone Are the Times"

  9. Soul Eruption b/w The Adventures of Space Frog

  10. Loving Ain't My Business

  11. Look For Me In The Whirlwind
    Marcus Garvey & His Infinite Om

  12. Deathless

  13. If The Devil Spoke
    King Khan (feat. M LAMAR, Natalia Avelon & Frowning Clouds)

  14. Beiss Mich (Bite Me)
    King Khan (feat. Bela B. & Rummelsnuff)

  15. Stalker
    King Khan (feat. Bela B. & Rummelsnuff)

  16. Its Just Right For Me
    Malik Rahim & his Infinite Om (feat. King Khan, Saba Lou & Zak Olsen)

  17. Just Insulin b/w Bubble Butt Bounce
    King Khan (feat. Bella the Bizarre, Malik Rahim & SSKMZ)

  18. Malik Rahim Speaks
    Malik Rahim & The Infinite Ones

  19. Mr. Floyd 8:46
    Benni (feat. King Khan)

  20. She is the Keeper of my Soul
    Saba Lou (feat. Jatinder Durhailay Singh)

  21. I'm Rich Bitch/Bee Atch

  22. No. 4 Blue Film Woman Soundtrack

  23. The Sadies / King Khan - Split Single
    King Khan / The Sadies

  24. Turkey Ride
    The King Khan Experience

  25. Murderburgers

  26. Novum Ovum
    Saba Lou

  27. Planet Enigma
    Saba Lou

  28. Stop Und Fick Dich
    Louder Than Death

    Louder Than Death (feat. King Khan & Sean Spits)

  30. Three Hairs and You're Mine
    King Khan & The Shrines

  31. What Is?!
    King Khan & the Shrines

  32. Idle No More
    King Khan & the Shrines

  33. BLACK JASPERS "Born In 77" EP

  34. Menage-a-Trois

  35. Ugly Women
    King Khan & His Lonesome Guitar

  36. BACK TO NOTHING - Film Soundtrack

  37. The Spits (auf Deutsch)
    The Spits (featuring King Khan)

  38. Play Safe
    The Black Lips & The Khan Family

  39. Scum Of The Moon
    The Black Jaspers

  40. MERRY KRISHMAS from The Khan Family!

  41. Torture
    King Khan and his Shrines

  42. Now I'm So Free

  43. Back To Nothing
    King Khan (Feat. Bella)

  44. That Boy Is Mine
    King Khan (feat. Kitty n' Holiday)

  45. Bandit Queen

  46. David Bowie R. I. P.
    King Khan & The Shrines (feat. Jatinder Durhailay Singh

    The King Khan & BBQ Show

  48. The Ballad of Killah P


King Khan Berlin, Germany

My name is A. A. Khan (a.k.a. "King Khan" or "the artist formerly known as The Blacksnake"). Welcome to the Art of Khannibalism... featuring music I have recorded and produced from my Moon Studios in Berlin, Germany. Music is my religion and can heal all wounds.... Enjoy these sounds and share them with the ones you love.
King "Bama Lama" Khan
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